Call DVLA on 0843 507 7923

Why call the DVLA? 


There are many reasons people have for calling the DVLA, from driving license applications to updating existing records. Before, exploring the common reasons there are for calling the DVLA it is beneficial to highlight who the DVLA is and what they are responsible for.

Of course, if you know exactly what you need to speak to the DVLA about today please call 0843 507 7923 – where you will be connected directly.

Who is the DVLA?

The DVLA otherwise known as the ‘Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’ is a UK government organisation – responsible for maintaining the database of UK drivers and the entire database of UK vehicles. Of course there are many other aspects covered by the DVLA too including the issuing of driving licenses, the collection of heavy excise duty (road tax) and personalised registration.

Whatever you need to call the DVLA for, 0843 507 7923 will connect you to the right member of the DLVA team – quickly.

You may remember that the DVLA was previously referred to as the DVLC or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre. In the past there was also a network of local offices, however restructuring has led to a centralised service offered through one main office based in Swansea.

Should you want to get in touch with the DVLA main office in writing the postal address you will need is:

SA99 1AR

If you are writing in relation to driving license enquiries you will need to send any correspondence to:

SA99 1BU

However, it is typically faster and preferable to speak directly to one of the DVLA’s knowledgeable advisors – after all everyone’s situation is unique Thankfully, one telephone call the DVLA via 0843 507 7923 will connect you with a member of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s customer services team.

Opening Hours

Call DVLA on 0843 507 7923 to speak to all of the major departments within the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. For your convenience we have listed the opening times for each of the main departments.

General Enquiries can be made from 8am to 7pm on a Monday to Friday, and until 1pm Saturdays.

Vehicle Registration & Tax – this department is open from 8am until 7pm on a Monday to Friday, closing at 2pm on a Saturday.

Driver’s Medical Enquiries – enquiries can be made between 8am until 5.30pm and until 1pm on a Saturday.

More about the DVSA

If you are calling the DVLA with regards to…

  • Driving tests or driving instructors
  • MOTs or vehicle testing
  • Vehicle operator licensing
  • Driving of lorries, buses or coaches

…you will need to ask to be connected to the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). Please note that this is also the department responsible for handling vehicle taxation and associated complaints.