How much is a new driving license

It is a good thing to know how to drive; all you need is the experience to become a good driver. To get the driving experience, it is required of you to go for driving classes because from time to time you will spend some of your learning time on roads and some on theory tests. Driving classes also help in getting a driving license which is a must requirement for every driver in the UK.

How much is a new driving license in the UK?

Various fees are paid before one can get a new driving license in the UK. These fees are statutory fees and tuition fees. Statutory fees are those that you must pay the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency so that you are issued with a provisional license that legally allows you to start learning. The fee is 34.00 pounds if you pay online and 43.00 pounds if you apply directly. Next statutory fee is that of the theory test which is at the cost of 23.00 pounds. However, the fee is non-refundable if you fail the test. To Re-sit for the test, you have to pay once again the same amount. The final fee is that of booking for the practical test which is 62.00 pounds or 75 pounds if you want to do it part-time. The same conditions apply like those of theory test. To avoid re-sitting for the tests and paying more money, it is advisable you be prepared well enough.

On the other hand, tuition fees are that fee you pay to get extra classes for driving. The fees normally vary depending on where you want to learn. The fee may also vary depending on other factors and to reduce the fees; I would advise you get more extra practice after the learning lessons to be always ahead and faster in getting what is being trained. Choose the right driving school and instructors if you want to get the value of your money. You may choose the cheapest driving schools and instructors, and finally, you get nothing, so be more careful. The more experienced you are, the cheaper the tuition fee. Do not be nervous or timid when learning as this may increase your fees. Also, your age will matter a lot according to the instructors. They say that those above 25 years may require more hours of training and the average driving cost per hour is 24 pounds. Finally, there is the fee of training aids that get you ready for the driving test. The fee ranges from 19 to 24 pounds. Therefore the total fee for one to get a new driving license in the UK is about 1353 pounds.

Different driving license costs for different motorcars

Depending on what one is driving, there is a different cost of the driving license. For motorbikes, one has to pay a total fee 113.30 pounds. For Trailers, one has to pay a total fee of 115 pounds. For Lorries and vans you can get a driving license after paying 230 pounds, and for this case, it becomes more expensive because you have to undertake four driver tests to get the Certificate of Professional Competence

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