Where to send your old driving licence

Where to send your old driving licence

DVLA OLD License Return Address



SA99 1AB 

If you’re driving licence has just expired or you’ve had to update it because some of your details have changed then you’re required to send your original driving licence back to the DVLA in Swansea. This is a legal requirement and you can face penalties from the government if you don’t follow their instructions about returning your old driving licence after your new one has arrived. It’s easy to forget to do this but it only takes a few minutes and will be one worry off your mind once you’ve done it. Your best bet is to do it as soon as your new driving licence has arrived. Read on for some details about what to do with your old driving licence.

How to update your licence

You might be glad to hear that many changes and updates to your driving licence no longer require you to call the DVLA. It’s possible to change your address and other details and request a renewed driving licence on the DVLA website. If you lose your licence then it’s also possible to resolve this problem online but be prepared to pay a fee to the DVLA to cover the cost of the replacement. Replacing your driving licence because a detail like your address has changed is currently free of charge.

Once you request a new licence, the DVLA will start processing the application. The amount of time this takes will depend on how busy the organisation currently is. If you’re lucky, your new driving licence will be with you in around a week. If you’re not so lucky, it could take three weeks or more.

Where to send your old driving licence

Once your new driving licence arrives, you’re obliged to deface the old licence and return it to the DVLA in Swansea. Defacing may sound like a difficult task but the DVLA is clear that you only need to cut the old licence in half. Before you get the scissors out, double check which licence you’re about to cut up. You don’t want to destroy the new one by mistake!

Once you’ve cut up the old licence, pop both parts of it into an envelope and return it to the DVLA. The address to send it to is.

DVLA Swansea
SA99 1ZW

Don’t worry, the address is really that short and it will get there!

That’s it! You’ve now complied with your obligations when it comes to your old driving licence. For extra peace of mind, you might want to consider getting a proof of posting from your local post office (this is free of charge) or paying a little extra for registered delivery. That way, you’ll be able to prove that you’ve complied with the law and returned your old driving licence to the DVLA as they requested.

Who to call if my license is lost?

Firstly try not to worry these things happen & it is out of your control. So you need to be 100% sure that it isn't lost and just taking more time than you expected, check with the royal mail & log an investigation into where the lost documents are hopefully you sent them special delivery.

What number should I ring for the DVLA

So import much like a passport if you have lost it you need to make the DVLA aware that it is lost and a new one can be issued plus inform the police that it is missing, you can contact the DVLA Here. or use the online link for DVLA

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