Photo driving licence renewal

drivingYou may be aware that photo driving licences must be renewed every 10 years. You will be sent an automatic reminder before that date is due. If you are aged 70 years or over your driving licence will have to be renewed every 3 years.

To make life easier we have highlighted the steps you will need to follow when updating your driving licence.

Need to renew your driving licence?

There are numerous ways in which you can renew your driving licence easily and securely. Whether you opt to renew it online or by post, there are some ways to speed the process.

Of course, if you would like direct advice from a member of the DVLA team please dial the DVLA contact number on 0843 507 7923.

Renewing your driving licence online

To renew your driving licence online it is essential to have a UK passport (in date). If you do not already have an online DVLA account you will need to establish a Government Gateway ID which is typically given at the point of registration.

Essential information needed to renew is:

  • UK passport (valid)
  • Current driving licence or valid reason for not having one
  • National Insurance number
  • Address details for the past 3 years
  • Renewal fee of £14 (made by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro, Delta debit or credit card)

Please note that you must be a resident in Great Britain – services in Northern Ireland vary, details can be found by calling the DVLA contact number on 0843 507 7923.

Renewing your driving licence by post and at the post office

The first thing you will need to renew your driving licence is a D798 form – this will be sent to you by post and should be returned to your nearest participating post office.

If you haven’t already received your D798 form please call the DVLA Licence Renewal Department via the DVLA contact number – 0843 507 7923. Alternatively you could request a D1 form from the post office or via the DVLA form ordering service (

Post Office Renewal Process

Renewing your driving licence at the post office is straightforward, however you will need the following information to hand:

  • Your completed D798 form
  • Your photo card licence
  • £17 fee payment & £4.50

Has your name changed?

If you name has changed it is not possible to renew your driving licence at the post office, the application will need to be by post.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Completed D798 form
  • Passport photo (unsigned)
  • Cheque or postal order for £17 made payable to the DVLA
  • You may also be asked to include identity documents

Please note if you are over 70 years or have a short-term medical licence you can renew for free.

The postal address is:

SA99 1DH 

Your new driving licence should arrive within 3 weeks, (or 1 week if applied for online), however if you have not received yours yet why not call the DVLA contact number on 0843 507 7923?

Over 70 years old and renewing your driving licence?

Drivers aged 70 yrs or older must renew their drivers licence every three years. The good thing is this is free of charge for the 70+ age category.

Remember, it is essential to renew your licence as soon as your existing licence runs out, however it is best to start your renewal within 90 days of your due date.

Please note that you can also change to a photo licence at the point of renewal.

C1 & D1 entitlement renewal

Are you renewing your C1 (medium-sized vehicle) or D1 (minibus entitlement)? It is important to be aware that this can’t be done online and has to be processed by post.

The postal address is:

SA99 1BR

Driving Licence Renewal for Lorries, Minibuses & Buses

If you are aged 45 years or over and drive a lorry, minibus or bus your licence must be renewed every 5 years until the age of 65 when annual renewals are required.

Two forms will be sent which are:

  1. D47P – application for renewal of lorry and bus entitlement. This form is yours to complete and return.
  2. D4 – medical examination report. This form should be completed by your GP, however you may need to ask your optometrist to complete the vision assessment section. Doctors, optometrists and opticians usually charge for this service.

Commonly asked questions:

  1. Do I need to send a photo?
  2. Your D47P form will indicate whether a photo is required or not. Should you need to send a photograph a new passport type photo will meet the DVLA identification criteria.
  3. My name has changed what do I do?
  4. In addition to a D2 form you will also need to send original documentation confirming your name change.
  5. I have a paper driving licence, what do I need to send to the DVLA?
  6. You will need to send:
  • Completed D47P and D4 forms
  • Original identity documentation
  • Passport photo

The address you will need to send them to is:

SA99 1BR

Call the DVLA contact number on 0843 507 7923

Not received the relevant forms? Perhaps you need assistance form filling?

Rest assured, one call will connect you directly with a DVLA advisor.

Simply call DVLA Renewals via the DVLA contact number on 0843 507 7923.

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